S c r o l l D o w n



The cellar of Jacob Jacke is full of secrets and danger. His secret hobby was experimenting with different hidden experiments. He brought exotic insects from across the sea, infected them with viruses and experimented with various dangerous poisons and radiation. The team who got locked in the basement has to solve multiple tasks in order to escape before the radioactivity in the room permanently damages them. Also they only have 60 minutes until the glass terrariums of hungry insects break!


A group of friends who came to Pärnu to spend a wonderful time here and party, went overboard with their last party, the next morning they wake up with a huge hangover and find themselves in a strange basement.
They are locked behind bars inside the basement with their hands locked in handcuffs. They could not imagine the things that will happen even in their worst nightmare! They have been chosen and will be harvested for their organs against their will. Fortunately, the butcher has to leave the room for awhile and they have the opportunity to escape, but they only have 60 minutes to do that!


New room coming soon!